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Larins BTX50 Facial Serum

Larins BTX50 Facial Serum contains New Zealand manuka honey collected by bees from the flowers of the native manuka tree. Manuka honey is a natural anti-oxidant, an effective moisturiser retaining moisture without making skin oily. It also inhibits MMP, a group of enzymes that destroy collagen, and provides nutrients for cell metabolism.

Larins BTX50 Facial Serum is formulated to promote skin regeneration and help skin recover from cellular damages.

Rotorua Thermal Mud Heath Face Mask

Untouched Native New Zealand Rotorua Thermal Mud Face Mask contains mineral rich ingredients sourced from the unique thermal wonderland region of New Zealand.

Rotorua Thermal Mud and natural extracts help protect your skin from aging and degeneration.

Experience the soothing warmth to help relax tired and tense facial muscles. This mask works by drawing impurities and excess oils from deep within the pores of your skin, leaving you rejuvenated and fresh. For best results, use once or twice weekly. Suitable for all skin types, from normal to sensitive skin.

Directions: Dampen face with cool water, then apply evenly avoiding the eyes and mouth. Lightly massage mus on the skin in a stimulating circulation and revive tired, dull skin. Leave for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water, and pat dry.

Made with care and pride in New Zealand.

Rotorua Mud deep heat

From the mineral rich thermal Rotorua mud pools.

Rotorua Mud is know for its high content of natural thermal minerals. These minerals and natural botanical extracts provide a unique deep warming relief from symptoms associated with muscle aches, stress and other rheumatic conditions which effect your enjoyment of an active lifestyle.

The relaxing aromas of menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil combine with other active ingredients to create one of the hottest and more concentrated non prescription sports creams available. Heat Cream is ideal for warming up before exercise or for fast and effective temporary relief from aching muscles and joints.

Ideal for Muscular pain - sporting injuries - warm ups - rub downs.

Ingredients: Rotorua thermal mud, de-ionised water, methyl salicylate, stearic acid, glycerol, PEG-100 stearate, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, apricot kernel oil, aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, mineral oil, menthol, camphor, tea tree oil, vit E aectate, propylene glycol, pheoxyethanol, St Johns wort oil, methyl paraben, propylparaben, kathon CG.

Benefits: Analgesic properties, extra heat for fast temporary relief, improves circulation, promotes muscle relaxation, specially developed for active sports people.

Directions: Massage onto affected areas. For warming muscular relief. Best apply after a warm bath or shower.

Caution: For external use on unbroken skin only. Do not use near eyes and sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 degrees C.

Deer Velvet

Larins Deer Velvet Serum is a rich natural source of collagen, that powerfully increases skin cell's vitality combating the fatigue and negative effects of stress and enviromental damage.

Minerals and nutrients help maintain healthy skin by softening and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkle and leaves skin looking youthful, radiant, soft and supple.

Intense hydrating ingredients help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Larins Deer Velvet serum absorbs instantly leaving a rich and luxurious skin feel enhanced with preciouss deer velvet moisture veil.

Placenta gold serum

Larins Placenta Gold Serum contains active ingredietns that glides in easily with dua function in both enhancing skin hydration and cell renewal.

Larins Placenta Gold Serum helps remove black sports, it also helps to control the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It smooths, clams, reduce puffiness and instantly hydrates around the delicate eye area.

Larins Placenta Gold Serum helps regain fullness of skin and fine lines , creating a healthier, youthful looking skin.

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